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Welcome to Dipaculao!

The Local Government Unit of DIPACULAO, AURORA has commenced its new website and webpage. You can now browse and discover the hidden wonders in it which will surely make you decide to visit or stay in this beautiful place.

DIPACULAO has its unique origin. According to its history, the native Ilongots were once having festivity in thanksgiving of abundant harvests and hunts. In the midst of celebration, the natives kept on shouting, ”Ni Dipac naulaw!” ”Ni Dipac naulaw!”. These Ilocano terms suggsted that the Ilongot Chieftain, DIPAC, became dizzy upon excessively drinking native wines called ”Basi” and ”Tuba”. Hence, our town was created (baptized) with the name ”DIPACULAO”.

The town is protected from calamities by the long ranges of the Sierra Madre Mountain which is a home of wonderful Falls, and different species of Flora and Fauna. At the base or foot of this mountain is the vast Pacific Ocean where coastal barangays are situated along its amazing beaches.

Upon the initiative of the Political Figures from the ANGARA clan and in collaboration with the LGU leaders, particularly with the Hon. Mayor DANILO A. TOLENTINO, concrete roads and bridges emerge which open up for easy, fast and comfortable travel and means of communication. The long and winding road along the coastal areas leads to home-sweety-home, visit distant families and relatives, and give dazzling experience for tourists as they behold the beautiful canvas of nature side by side with the verdant forests and the vast ocean.

The wide and spacious Municipal land area at the heart of North Poblacion accommodates the two-storey Municipal Building where besides having offices therein, is also surrounded by other offices and agencies where one can have the comfort of transacting business within the municipality.

To know more about our town, visit our official website where everything about it is found. Then, come and explore the wonders that await you here and build memories with everything that the place can offer you.


Age: 72
Date of Birth: January 13, 1950
Place of Birth: Baler, Aurora


Bachelor’s Degree: BS in Radio Electronics Engineer
Name of School: FEATI University
Graduation Date: 1971

Secondary Level: Father John Karash Memorial High School
Graduation Date:1967

Elementary Level: Dipaculao Central School
Graduation Date: 1963


Position: Mayor
Agency: LGU-Municipality of Dipaculao, Aurora
Inclusive Date: 2019 to present

Position: Board Member
Agency: Sangguniang Panlalawigan, Baler Aurora
Inclusive Date: 2007-2010, 2013-2016

Position: Mayor
Agency: LGU-Municipality of Dipaculao, Aurora
Inclusive Date: 1998-2007

Position: Vice Mayor
Agency: LGU-Municipality of Dipaculao, Aurora
Inclusive Date; 1992-1998


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